etique – JackedPack
Combining the best of science and nature, etique delivers high performance formulas for all hair textures and types, building a foundation for healthy, nourished and beautiful hair.
Created by stylist Hendrik Thijsen
Hendrik Thijsen trained in Paris. Today, he has an extensive portfolio of clients in New York City. Hendrik was challenged to find the right products to support the style and designs of his clients. Not satisfied with what was available, he created etique.
Products that work for all hair types. A line that is not only developed to enhance styling, but to improve the health of the hair after each use. Carefully crafted with a signature blend of select ingredients combined with sensorial fragrances chosen to care for hair, the small range of carefully developed, nurturing formulas help restore the health and natural beauty of hair.
Designed in New York and made in France, the line fuses the best of both worlds: the New York City lifestyle with French quality. Discover why etique’s pioneering unique blends ensure exceptional results.
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