TapouT – JackedPack
Tapout is now the official fitness and training partner of WWE.
The new Tapout brand position of a hard-body fitness.
Brand will focus on the training of WWE superstars, showcasing the vigorous fitness regimens the athletes adhere to so as to achieve maximum health and physical prowess, along with Nascar, Pro Boxing, Football, CrossFit, and other sports .
• Given the change in consumer trends – lifestyle shifts - towards a healthier and more
active lifestyle,  the birth of athleisure, we responded to consumer demand.
• We conducted research that told us a few things:
- It validated that Tapout belongs in this space
- Tapout has a strong and loyal consumer base
- The Tapout DNA resonates strongly and as such the new Tapout will continue to be rooted in motivation, discipline, and determination
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