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Why? Because we believe it offers more advantages than almost anything else you can do. Not to mention nearly every other exercise discipline in existence has bodybuilding principles at its core.Unfortunately, bodybuilding has somehow become more and more about “appearance at all costs” than anything else. Seriously, who cares if you look great on the outside, but you’re more like a rotten potato on the inside? That’s not the bodybuilding we know and love.
We think it’s time to redefine what bodybuilding means…to take it back to why most people started doing it in the first place: for improved health, greater self-esteem and improved performance. (Of course, looking great certainly doesn’t hurt either!).
Bodybuilding is all about the journey you take while pursuing your version of perfection. It’s the sacrifice and the discipline. It’s doing what others are simply NOT willing to do or only wish they could. Furthermore, there are thousands of bodybuilders who are just as “hardcore” as any Pro when it comes to the day-in, day-out dedication and full on blood-and-guts training it takes to build a more muscular body.
The fact is, most of these people will never set foot on a competitive stage. Life is their stage. And we say it’s about time all these individuals were recognized for their efforts too.
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